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A hymn of life, love, and extraordinary bravery.

Linda Folley had lived a good life... and an impressive one. A master programmer, a pilot, a scientist, and philanthropist, she was fiercely brilliant and incredibly talented. While later than she’d liked, she met and fell madly in love with Camila Faraday, who would become her wife. And so, it felt a cosmic injustice when just a few years later, Linda was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is an insidious neurodegenerative disease, progressively attacking the brain until ultimately the body gives out, and dies. Nearly 50 million people worldwide suffer from the disease. Only 5% of those diagnosed are younger than 65. Linda was 52.

Her family bravely accepted the circumstances and prepared for Linda’s long-term care. Before she’d even received her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Linda could no longer drive, let alone fly. She was prone to getting lost, even in the most familiar places. On bad days, she lived in a thick fog of confusion. On good days, she was her full, vibrant, funny charismatic self.

But as months rolled on and the disease progressed, Linda felt a burden to her friends, family, and her beloved wife. She resisted the sentence of her disease: she would grow worse, forgetting the faces of her loved ones, burning resources to keep her alive, all while she remains in a state of constant shame and misery. She wished to die with dignity, not at the mercy of the disease. After months of planning and deep consideration, Linda carried out the radical, courageous act of taking her life. She went too soon. She had to. If she'd waited, she wouldn’t have been able to carry it out alone. She would have needed help.

While physician-assisted-suicide is legal in five US states, Alzheimer’s & dementia cases are not covered, because life expectancy is too hard to call. Therefore, those afflicted are sentenced to suffer in the prison of their bodies, for sometimes years, at incredible costs. This documentary represents the interests of 5 million suffering in the United States today. Shot over the course of three years, Radical Acts of Love chronicles Linda Folley’s remarkable journey into the dark, a testament to her bravery and loyal family, and offers an unflinching look at the true devastating nature of Alzheimer’s disease.

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